Nissan Clean India’s Dust Suppression Fog Cannon System is extremely efficient in handling the problem of airborne dust particles and bacteria’s in the air. These suppress the dust particles through fogging and are available in various models.

Finding usage at several places including mining sites, demolition sites and bulk material handling spaces, these are regarded for their automatic rotation and adjustable elevation angle.


  • Automatic rotation
  • Purposely designed for suppression of dust
  • Low consumption of electricity

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 8 K.W
  • Pump Flow: 1.56 m3/hr
  • Nozzles: 12 Nos
  • Throw: 25-30 Mtrs
  • Oscillation: 0-360 Degree
  • Throw Angle: 0-60 Degree
  • Mounting: 3 wheels trolley