Nissan Clean India’s Automatic Tunnel truck wash system is designed to provide best available cleaning power for mining truck, tippers, garbage truck and other odd shaped vehicle.

This enables us to provide a standard range of systems to fit specific cleaning applications.

Nissan Clean India has not only met the challenge of getting all vehicles clean, but has also made it possible to maintain that cleanliness on a daily basis.

Spinner Nozzle

The special Spinner nozzle System can clean any vehicle in less than 60 seconds. Both trucks and buses can be cleaned in the same wash system. Dramatically reduced corrosion, improved accessibility to the maintenance areas of the vehicle, and improved general appearance are direct advantages of using a Spinner nozzle Wash System.

Stainless Steel Nozzles

Special high grade stainless steel nozzles with high spray volume capacity gives precise cleaning result by staying corrosion


New generation sensors specially designed for use on tunnel type system provide greater accuracy and reliability.

Automatic Car Wash Equipment
Coach Washing Plant

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