As the global competition and technologies are advancing, more and more manufacturers are ensuring strict measures to ensure high quality production of cars and buses through vigorous testing and quality process. Each unit has to be passed through safety tests with high standards. Government has also proposed to make a compulsion of shower tester booth in the production line for all car, bus and truck manufacturers to test for water seepage and to ensure protection of vehicles from water. Nissan Clean India ensures to deliver the excellent quality shower tester booths so as to assist car and bus manufacturers in ensuring high quality testing of their vehicles manufactured.

The prime objective of a shower tester booth is to ensure and check for any leakages whether water will enter in the vehicle or component and to identify the location of leaks. Then, the areas having leakage have to be plugged. Every vehicle needs to be ensured that there is no leakage / seepage in rains. Nissan Clean India’s shower tester booth uses high pressure nozzles where water hits the surface at high pressures to test whether water enters in or not. Water from the booth is also filtered and recycled. We also supply an air Air Drying System for quick drying of external surface to smooth the progress of immediate inspection. The Air Drying System consists of blowers that blow air at high speed through air ducts. Different programs can be custom made to automate the entire process from opening of door to allow vehicle inside to roll out of the booth. According to the clients necessity a range of levels of automation can be introduced.

Product Features:

  • Special pipe and structure are corrosion proof which leads to longer life and less replacement cost.
  • Special full cone type nozzles are used to ensure water covers the whole area of the component.
  • Special air washing risers are provided for pre cleaning and air blow off.
  • Filters are used before the pump suctions to eliminate dust particles and causing damage to the pump. This leads to longer life of the pump and nozzles.
  • Remote control systems are provided for the operator inside the vehicle control and monitor the shower in case of an emergency.
  • Recycling of waste water which reduces running cost.
  • Good quality of brought out components used.

Technical Details:

Sr. No. Specification Description


Line Composition Shower Tester Booth


Clear Truss Height 6.5 meters


Dimensions of Water Shower Area 13,000 mm (L) X 4,200 mm (W) x 4,500 mm (H)


Material handling system Self driven vehicle


Electric power: Voltage / Frequency / Phase / Wires 415 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase / 4

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