Wash Champ is our latest innovation with features present in the higher end machines within a small budget range.

The equipment has total 3 brushes 1 Horizontal and 2 Vertical Brushes. The Horizontal Brush follows the contour of the car and cleans the body effectively. The Brushes have X profile bristles with feathered brush tips to remain gentle on the car always. Wheel Wash and on Board Blower can be included as an add-on.

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  • Structure made of Rust proof Rugged Hot Dip Galvanized Sheets
  • Complete Water Proof Structure with high quality make water proof IP 66 motors
  • Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) coating on fascia for superior looks.
  • Low Maintenance Gear Boxes
  • Liquid Foam System : Liquid Foam Dosing Pump, Pipes and Nozzles
  • Rinse System : Water Pump, PVC Nozzles, PVC Pipes
  • Horizontal Brush System with Electronic pressure sensing

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