Keeping the coaches clean is an essential part for any public transport operator to ensure effective service, cleanliness and convenience of the customers. Clean surrounding has a key impact on the travelers using the coach services and helps in creating repetitive footfall and ensures smooth running of business.

The main concerns of using washing equipments to clean the coaches is that the it should have effective reach to all the areas covering the exterior of the coach, cleans the coach effectively and with little effort and time consumption.

Nissan Clean India’s Coach Washing Plant is designed by keeping in mind all the requirements of the coach operators and their cleaning expectations. The system is designed to provide best available cleaning power for Carriages with Diesel Locomotive (DL), Carriages with Overhead Electric Locomotive (OEL).

This enables us to provide a standard range of systems to fit specific cleaning applications.

Below are the key points of our highly efficient Coach Washing Plant:

  • Rigid galvanized structure.
  • Variable sizes.
  • Suitable for all size coaches.
  • Automatic program cycles can be set.
  • Under chassis washing.

The automatic washing cycle consists of:

  • Pre-wash
  • Shampoo Spray
  • Multiple Brushing stations
  • High Pressure rinsing
  • Automatic Drying

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Car Washing Machine
Car Washing Machine
Car Washing Machine
Car Washing Machine

Automatic Coach Underframe Washing Plant

Nissan Clean India has developed India’s first ever “Automatic Coach Underframe Washing Plant” for washing and cleaning the Chassis of Coaches for the Indian Railway workshops, The system is useful for washing and cleaning of Chassis of coaches before it takes to painting area where the coaches comes for repair and maintenance; The system is quite useful and successful which gives 99% results to the Indian railway workshops.

The system is comprised of the following:

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Machine Frame and Structure
  • Fresh Water Spray System Modules
  • Chemical Detergent Spray System Modules
  • ETP Water Spray System Modules
  • Galvanize Pipe Line with Stainless Steel Water Nozzles
  • ETP Plant System
  • Under Ground Rcc Waste Water Collection tank
  • Pump and Control Panel Room
  • Civil Apron Works, Control Panel System
  • Installation and Commission Testing, Trail works at Site
  • Plumbing and Hardware Items etc as required for system
Car Washing Machine
Car Washing Machine
Car Washing Machine
Car Washing Machine